The DC (DC3) will be involved in the identification of fungal pathogens in algal blooms in key threatened saltwater and freshwater lagoons in Spain. 

Advisors: Javier Dieguez-Uribeondo, Massimiliano Fenice, Nura el Khouri

Location: Universidad Internacional Menedez Pelayo - CSIC

1) Identify fungal pathogens as potential biocontrol agents in algal blooms for key threatened brackish and fresh water lagoons of Spain., e.g. Mar Menor and Daimiel National Park through field studies. 
2) Assess the microclimatic parameters (temperature, salinity, oxygen, etc) and water conditions (organic, phosphate and nitrate pollution favoring algal-colonization and disease development by the selected fungal pathogens through laboratory studies. 

Expected Results: 
1) Selection of potential fungal pathogens of algal blooms and community profiles obtained through eDNA sequencing. 
2) Isolation of fungal pathogens, assessment of water composition leading to algal-colonization and disease development by up to five selected fungal pathogens.

The candidate for DC3 must have a Master degree in areas such as Biodiversity, Mycology, Microbiology, Molecular Biology or related discipline. Experience in field work and experiments as well as knowledge of Molecular taxonomy, Phylogenetic analysis, eDNA or metagenomics techniques would be desirable.  In addition to meeting the PHABB eligiblity rules, candidates must also : 
- be eligible and qualified for enrolment in the PhD programme at University International Menéndez Pelayo-CSIC
- be able to perform secondments or participate in training programs at the facilities of other consortium members. 

Planned secondment(s): 
At BioPol with Bettina Scholz to learn isolation, culturing and maintenance of algal-pathogen interactions, 
At UNITUS with Massimiliano Fenice for water quality measurements 
At UIBK with Sigrid Neuhauser to analyse fungal-algal host interactions with advanced electron and confocal microscopy techniques. 

This post is funded by the EU for three years starting after 1 July 2024 . Salary for 3 years will be paid at the rate of 34.412,37€ per annum (44.450,40 € including mobility and living) and with family at the rate 38.872,50 €  (50.390,40 € including mobility and living).

How to apply for this position
Click here to be redicted to the Easychair application platform. It can also be accessed by typing "PHABB 2024 Easychair" in any good search engine. You will first need to create an account in Easychair to submit your application, providing minimal amount of personal information needed to process your application.

The deadline for application is  30 April 2024. 



Published on: 20/01/2024 12:30 - Updated on: 06/04/2024 18:49