DC10's Role in Coastal harmful algal bloom (HAB) Biocontrol!

Dive into Work package 2 (WP2): HAB Management & Aquaculture Support:  untap the secrets of diatom-pathogen interactions: identify the best saltwater HAB diatom/dinoflagellate-pathogen model interaction systems for molecular characterisation; sequence the pathogen genomes; identify core set of effector and pathogenicity factors! 🐟 #Biocontrol #Aquaculture #HABs

Advisors: Pieter van West, Jason Holland, Harald Rotsch

Location: University of Aberdeen

1) Identify the best saltwater HAB diatom-pathogen model interaction systems for molecular characterisation studies of the interaction 
2) Sequence the genomes of up to five bacteria, chytrid and/or oomycete pathogens identified in Objective 1 and perform detailed bioinformatic analysis to identify the core set of effector and pathogenicity factors. 
3) Investigate the infection process and functionally characterise up to two pathogenicity determinants of the chytrid or oomycete pathogens through biochemical and genetic approaches.

Expected Results: 
1) Obtain a HAB diatom-pathogen model system that can be used for molecular interaction studies. 
2) Up to 5 complete genomes of bacterial, chytrid or oomycete pathogens that infect diatom or dinoflagellates species that are relevant to aquaculture. 
3) Effector diversity and core effector expression data in HAB diatom pathogenic bacteria, chytrids and oomycetes 
4) Determine through biochemical experimentation the molecular role of up to two effector proteins in the HAB-pathogen interaction.

Planned secondment(s): 
At BioPol with Bettina Scholz to learn isolation, culturing and maintenance of diatom and dinoflagellate-pathogen interactions, 
At UIBK with Sigrid Neuhauser to analyse dinoflagellate and diatom-pathogen interactions with advanced electron and confocal microscopy techniques.

How to apply for this position
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The application deadline for this position is May 6th 2024. 

Published on: 20/01/2024 19:30 - Updated on: 27/03/2024 14:21