The library was created at the same time as the Zoology (worms) chair in 1961. it comprises:

- Reprints : more than 50 000 registered files

- Periodicals : 270 titles, including 115 in important registered in the University System of Documentation (SU)

- Books: 1572 references of which 400 prior to 1900

The collection of reprints has been built using the old stocks from the chairs of Zoology of the Muséum and of the Faculty of Medicine of Paris, and was considerably enriched by the contribution of personnel collections (Profs R. Ph. Dollfus, Tessier and Perez, J.-P. Mignot, J. Cachon, A. Hollande, ...). It now grows every year by the exchange of publications and by donations in Parasitology and Protistology. The collection of reprints in helminthology (40 000 specimen) is certainly one of the most complete in the World, exclusively made up by old reference papers essential in systematics, which were published in journals difficult to consult.

The scientific importance of the periodicals of the Laboratory lies within its homogeneicity of the discipline (Parasitology/Protistology) and in the presence of complete series from the beginning.

The library possesses a rare collection of ancient books in helmintology and protistology ( XVIII and XIX century).

The library of Parasitology belongs to the Direction of Libraries and Documentation. Its documents are reported in the collective catalogue of the Central Library of the Muséum and in other laboratory libraries.

You can consult the computerized catalogue of the Muséum Muscat, accessible via Internet to search for books of the laboratory library.

Opening times :

The library is open to researchers external to the Laboratory and to students of all levels in Parasitology upon appointment from Monday to Friday (10H – 12H).

No exterior loans.

Photocopies are realised for inter-university loans and requests from foreign Parasitologists


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Bibliothèque © MNHN

Bibliothèque © MNHN

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