Affiliation entity
PPL Parasites and Free-living Protists
Molecular and cellular biology


soraya.chaouch [at]
schaouch [at]
01 40 79 35 16

61 rue Buffon (CP52)

75005 Paris

Responsibilities inside unit

  • Prevention Assistant
  • Elected member of the UMR7245 council

Responsibilities outside unit


Research activities

Participation in the research activities of the PPL team (transcriptomic analysis by quantitative PCR, cell analysis by flowcytometry, cell culture, parasite inhibition assays)

Giardia duodenalis, forme trophozoïte. Microscopie électronique à balayage © MNHN - Soraya Chaouch, Thibault Allain, Isabelle Florent
Giardia duodenalis, forme trophozoïte. Microscopie électronique à balayage © MNHN - Soraya Chaouch, Thibault Allain, Isabelle Florent


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