Affiliation entity
CCE Cyanobacteria, Cyanotoxins and Environment
Interdisplinary research theme


emilie.lance [at]
emilie.lance [at]
01 40 79 32 07
03 26 91 33 69

12 rue Buffon

75005 Paris

Responsibilities outside unit

Teaching responsibilities :

Responsible for URCA Teaching Units in Bachelor's degree 3rd year (SE604 "Aquatic Ecology", SE504 "General Ecology") and Master's degree 1st year (BSE803 "Methods for Estimating Biodiversity").

Tutoring of Master students

Collective responsibilities and public expertise :

Jury of theses and Master 1 and 2.

Reviewer for international journals and national projects.

Correspondent for international relations for UMR-I 02 SEBIO since 2012. 

2018-2021: Member of the Specialized Expert Committee (CES) "Evaluation of food-related physico-chemical risks" (ERCA), ANSES. 

2017-2019: expert in the ANSES Working Group "Updating the risk assessment of cyanobacteria and their toxins in waters intended for food, bathing and other recreational activities".

2016-2017: expert in the ANSES Working Group "Referral on acute and chronic toxicity of BMAA (beta-methylamino-L-alanine)". 

Responsibilities for research projects : 

Various research projects conducted as a carrier (2015-2019 : NRP-EST ANSES, 2016-2017: Structuring Initiative EC2CO Continental and Coastal Ecosphere, 2013-2014: upstream incentive project DRRT/BQR Univ. Reims) and participant (2017-2020: project Initiatives Biodiversité EBTB Seine Grand Lacs/AESN, 2017-2019: funding ARMM, 2015-2019 : PIREN-Seine Phase 7).




Research activity

My research focuses on the study of the bioaccumulation and transfer of cyanotoxins in aquatic food webs and the associated ecotoxicological effects. I am also developing a biomonitoring approach related to the use of bivalve molluscs as bioindicators of the presence of toxic cyanobacteria in freshwater and estuarine / coastal ecosystems