Affiliation entity
CPNFB Chemistry of Fungal and Bacterial Natural Products
Accreditation to supervise research
Pathologie des algues, génomique fonctionnelle


claire.gachon [at]
(+33) 1 40 79 31 33
(+33) 1 71 21 46 66

43 rue Buffon

24 allée des crapauds

75005 Paris

Responsibilities outside unit

Head of the UMS 2700


Research activities: I specialise in the establishment of model interactions involving eukaryotic pathogens and their macro- or microalgal host(s). I lean on interdisciplinary array of tools, including biochemistry, histology, genomics to tackle questions ranging from algal ecology to the physiology and evolution of parasites in aquatic (marine and freshwater) systems, disease management and biosecurity in commercial algal cultivation. I have specific expertise in the oxidative stress, programmed cell death, and more generally the functional annotation and characterisation of the defence genes of algae. More recently, I have started transferring this expertise to disease management in commercial facilities, and to the development of biosecurity for algal aquaculture.


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