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This joint meeting between Trypanosomatids and GPLF will focus on free living and parasitic protists and deal with applied and fundamental aspects with a large portion dedicated to the evolutionary aspects. Indeed the genomes of numerous protists are now accessible and the methodological and conceptual advances, coming form this knowledge, turn our vision of the evolutionary history and of the phylogenetic relationships between these organisms upside down.

Trypanosomatids are parasitic, symbiotic or commensal protists. Some of them are pathogenic for humans, animals or plants with important economic and public health repercussions. These unicellular eukaryotes are also very interesting from the points of view of fundamental biology, evolution and biodiversity as they acquired multiple adaptive mechanisms during their evolutionary history.

This 3 rd edition of the Trypanosomatid meeting, like the two other before it, benefits from financial support from Sanofi for the organisation. The joint meeting has a financial support from the National Muséum of Natural History.

The meeting will start on Wednesday October 15 th at 2 pm (registration from 12 pm to 2 pm) and will continue for two and a half days. Two sessions (Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning) will be specifically dedicated to Trypanosomatids. The common session of Thursday afternoon will address the concept of protist species as well as the evolutionary history of these fascinating organisms. The Friday sessions will be dedicated more generally to protists. A poster session will take place Thursday late afternoon. Wednesday and Thursday sessions will be in English, Friday session will be either in French or English.


Invited speakers : C.M. d'Avila-Levy (Brazil), E. Gluenz (United Kingdom), P. Solano (France), T. Ochsenreiter (Switzerland), J. Boenigk (Germany), J. Jannin (Switzerland)

Scientific  Committee: L. Kohl, I. Florent, F. Bringaud, B. Rotureau, P. Grellier


Deadline for registrations: September 15th 2014 


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Contact : Linda Kohl , , Tél : 01 40 79 35 03




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