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Les doctorants et post-doctorants de l'unité MCAM (Molécules de Communication et Adaptation des Microorganismes - UMR 7245 MNHN/CNRS) vous convient chaleureusement à :

La Journée des doctorants et post-doctorants MCAM
Jeudi 30 novembre 2017
Amphithéâtre de la Grande Galerie de l'Evolution
Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle
10h - 17h


10h-10h10    Opening by Philippe Grellier, Director of the MCAM Unit
Session 1
Microbe and host/microbe interactions
Chairman : Sylvie Rebuffat, Professor, MNHN
10h10-10h25    Anaïs Massé, 3rd year PhD    
Early skeletal colonization of the coral holobiont by the microboring Ulvophyceae Ostreobium   
10h25-10h40    Mélanie Dacheux, 3rd year PhD   
Parasite adaptation to their hosts: role of phospholipases in malaria  
10h40-10h55    Anne Tourneroche, 3rd year PhD 
Molecular interactions between endophytic bacteria and fungi from brown algae     
10h55-11h05    Margot Bärenstrauch, 3rd year PhD    
Oxylipins at the core of an endophyte-phytopathogen interaction    
 11h05-11h35    Invited speaker : Adrien Bussard, Satt Lutech
                        "Valorisation de la recherche" 
Session 2

Chairman: Séverine Zirah, lecturer, MNHN
11h35-11h50    Louise Le Meillour, 1st year PhD   
Tracing the introduction of domestic animals in Austral Africa using paleoproteomics                       

11h50-12h05    Clara Azémard, Post-doc    
Characterisation of archaeological fibres by proteomic and stable isotope analyses                       

12h05-12h20    Thuany de Moura Cordeiro , 3rd year PhD at Brasilia University
Proteomics analysis of effects of rottlerin during Plasmodium falciparum erythrocyte schizogony         
12h20-14h                Buffet and poster session in Gay-Lussac room
                    63 rue Buffon
Session 3
Biotransformation, bioinspired synthesis and chemodiversity

Chairman: Stéphane Mann, research fellow, CNRS
14h-14h15       Victor Sayous, 1st year PhD 
Towards irone production, the iris fragrance, with biotechnological processes

14h15-14h30    Wei Zhang, 3rd year PhD 
Biomimetic oxidative strategies and alternative route for the synthesis of natural products in the diketopiperazine series  
14h30-14h45    Cécile Anne, 3rd year PhD    
Study of the biosynthesis of corymbiferan by a biotransformation approach  
14h45-15h       Zhilai Hong, 3rd year PhD 
Chemical diversity and biosynthesis mechanism of chalcophores in bacteria                        
15h-15h30    Invited speaker : Samuel Dupont
                   "Detection des microorganismes en milieu marin"   

15h30-15h45                Break
Session 4
Environmental adaptation of organisms

Chairman: Adrienne Kish, lecturer, MNHN
15h45-16h     Ombeline Sculfort, 2nd year PhD 
Evolution of chemical defenses within mimetic butterflies 
16h-16h15       Caroline Thaler, Post-doc 
Impact of sulphate concentration on biomineralisation by foraminifera  
16h15-16h30    Sandra Kim Tiam, Post-doc 
Cyanotoxins role for cyanobateria in stress conditions  

 16h30-17h    MCAM Quiz, prizes to win !

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