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The MCAM group

Our research group was built in 2009 from the association of the two teams of the group "Chemistry and Biochemistry of Natural Substances" (UMR 5154 CNRS/MNHN) with the team "Fonctional Biology of Protozoa" (USM 504 MNHN) and the team "Ecosystems and Toxic Interactions" (USM 505 MNHN). Our research work consists on the characterization of the chemical factors (secondary metabolites, peptides, proteins) and of the mechanisms that govern interactions between micro-organims and interactions between micro-organisms and their environement or their host. Our major interest resids in the molecular mechanisms involved in communication, defense, parasitism, symbiosis, plant-endophytes associations... Our research models consist in confined or open ecosystems and involve bacteria, cyanobacteria, fungi and protozoa.

Director: Pr. Philippe Grellier

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Communication Molecules and Adaptation
of Micro-organisms (MCAM)